The Kepler Conference 
Jan. 25 - 28, 2018
Evidence-Based Research Astrology
On Florida's Beautiful Space Coast

Timing & Human Performance
 Advanced Applications for Business 

We are proud to announce the 2nd Annual Kepler Conference
Dedicated to Evidence-Based Research Astrology


Courtney Roberts, M.A.


"An Unspoken,Unconscious
 Agreement Still Lingers Within 
All Our Public Discourse;
to refuse to treat astrology as 
 other than a joke, 
for to do otherwise is to risk 
scorn and contempt. 

So does that make it safe 
to assume that living systems are 
100% free from any solar, lunar or planetary influences?
Does anyone actually believe that?

Instead of automatically dismissing 
'astrological' influence,
let's get on with the  
post-modern, evidence-based, 
big data version 
of what astrologers have been 
trying to do all along."

$35.00 Unlimited access 
to the 2017 Recordings & PDF's  For 3 Months